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Floriani Is Back!

Floriani's Olive Oil Satin Body Spray creates a sense of freshness while hydrating your skin and making it silky smooth! The Ultra Hydrating Cucumber Body Cream moisturizes skin while restoring elasticity.

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Effortlessly Beautiful

Make your facial features stand out with our NEW Lash & Brow Tinting. Achieve darker and fuller looking lashes and brows. Safe for the eye area and lasts up to 3 weeks. 

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Lift and plump your skin!

Improve your skin's elasticity with our NEW BABOR Lifting RX Facial.

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Holiday Hair

Start with dry hair, fully spritz with Mario Tricoci Haircare Pre + Post Activator, brush to evenly distribute.

Wrap head bohemian-style in silk, sheer, or satin head band across top of forehead.

Take a 1-2 inch wide section by front of face, twist twice, wrap section up to tuck under headband. Continue twists on both sides until reaching back of head. At back, twist & wrap remaining hair around headband and tuck.

Set overnight. In morning pull front of headband at forehead up & back. Shake hair out. Brush or add a drop of smoothing serum to define curls.