Shadow Root

Give your hair color depth and dimension when you book a color appointment. Our expert colorists will create a shadow effect that can be easily maintained. To keep your look revived and refreshed, bring home our favorite Dry Shampoo.

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Boost your mood with bold hair color trends. Book a color appointment with your Tricoci colorist to craft your perfect hue. Take our Hydrating Shampoo and Conditioner home to restore moisture and revitalize your new hair.

Golden Black

Get ahead of the trends with a new take on dark tresses. Plan your next highlight appointment to add a hint of gold-undertones. When styling, protect and repair your hair with Transforming Mist.

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Glossy Shine

A new wave of healthy hair will dominate in 2021. Add lustrous shine to your hair at your next color appointment with a Hemp-Infused Treatment Add-on. After your appointment, use our Intense Repair Mask to continue deep conditioning treatment at home.

At-Home Custom Color Kit

Touch-up your color from the comfort of your own home, with the virtual support of your Tricoci Colorist.