Culture & Values

Act with integrity & show respect:  Earn respect by giving it.  Assume positive intent.  Speak positively about others.  You are only as good as your work- so deliver on it.  You need to act like a leader to be a leader. 

Simplicity:  Keep things simple.  Stop processes that slow us down or don't add value.  Prize results over form.  Remove barriers to success... no bureaucracy.  No red tape!

Focus on the Customer:  Excite & delight our guests everyday.  Listen to what they are saying.  Protect the interest and experience of our guests.  Create a memorable experience for each guest.

No shortcuts:  Don't compromise excellence for speed or short terms gains.  It simply is not worth it.  Hard work pays off.  Think sustainable growth.

Do one thing & be fabulous at it:  Be the leader & expert through socialization.

...And have a great time doing it:  Absolutely love what you do- period.  Postive energy & momentum are contagious.  WOW!

Learn:  Continue to teach & reinvent yourself with new skills.  Teach.  Learn from others.  Grow from your mistakes.  Don't stand still.  Create - Innovate - Share. 

Work together & win as a team:  No one wins alone.  The team is stronger than any one person.  Help others be their best.  Contribute ideas as everyone helps in creating the winning formula.

Work hard, play hard:  Win.  Be relentless in your pursuit of excellence.  Acheive results & celebrate.  Reward performance.  Great is just not good enough.  Winning means sometimes having to take risks. 

 Be accountable:  Take responsibilities for your actions and results.  Absolutely no excuses.  Don't place blame- just get it done!