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Xtreme Lash

  • Dramatic Volume Lash

    A hand made fan technique using 90 lashes per eye to create a very bold and dramatic wispy mascara free look. Also called “mega volume”.

  • Dramatic Lash

    A traditional single lash application using 100 lashes per eye to create a bold and dramatic mascara free look.

  • Luxe Volume Lash

    A hand made fan technique using 60 lashes per eye to create moderate wispy mascara free look.

  • Luxe Lash

    A traditional single lash application using 70 lashes per eye to create a moderate mascara free look.

  • Natural Volume Lash

    A hand made fan technique using 40 lashes per eye to create a natural wispy mascara free look.

  • Natural Lash

    A traditional single lash application using 50 lashes per eye to create a natural mascara free look.


Eyelash Extensions

The new you is just a blink away. At Tricoci Salon & Spa, we create brilliant, eye-opening transformations with expertly applied eyelash extensions. Experts use their artistry and intricacy to apply lash extensions that offer invaluable benefits to our guests. Use the guide below to discover which types of eyelash extensions near me best fit your lifestyle and perfect look preferences.

What Lash Services Does Tricoci Salon & Spa Offer?

Our beauty services include semi-permanent eyelash extensions applications, lash tints, and lash lifts. Guests who want to add instant length, volume, and texture to their natural lashes can benefit from semi-permanent eyelash extensions. These services can also be ideal for anyone interested in cutting down the time for their daily beauty routine.

We offer the application services of Xtreme Lashes® and Xtreme Volumation Lashes®. Guests can pick from a range of lash levels, lengths, and thicknesses to tailor the final look to their natural lashes and personal preferences.

Alternatively, those interested in making their natural lashes look fuller and darker (without the application of semi-permanent lash extensions) can opt for highly effective, but lower maintenance alternatives. This includes lash lifts or lash tints.

These services mark just the beginning of a beautiful transformation. Of our 13 Chicagoland locations, locate the ideal lash extensions near me. Then, complete the final transformation with our makeup services and hair salon services too.

How Long Do Eyelash Extensions Last?

Semi-Permanent Xtreme Lashes® are applied with a technique that adds multiple lightweight extensions to one single natural lash. Therefore, the amount of time semi-permanent extensions last (before a refill is recommended) depends on how long it takes for the natural eyelashes to grow and fall out. Generally, semi-permanent extensions can last up to about 8 weeks. However, refills can be scheduled once every 2-4 weeks to replace lashes that have shed. Regular refills help maintain the fullest look.

In addition to the growth cycle of the natural lashes, the length of time semi-permanent extensions last depends on how well they are cared for at home. Proper at-home care can include using oil-free cleansers and cosmetics that do not break down adhesive glue and avoiding lash friction.

Do Lash Extensions Damage Your Lashes?

Professional application of lash extensions will not damage the health of natural lashes. Eyelash extensions at Tricoci Salon & Spa are applied by experts who have mastered the intricate individual lash application technique. The precise one-to-one technique, which applies individual lash extensions to each natural lash, is not damaging. This is because the individual method lets the natural lashes go through their regular growth and fall out cycle. As a result, guests can enjoy undergoing a beautiful and bold transformation that will not interfere with the natural growth of their lashes.

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