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Therapeutic Sticks | Stones Massage

  • Double the heat.

    The high-impact combination of hot stone therapy and bamboo stick deep tissue massage delivers unmatched relaxation. Each technique warms and opens the muscles, for an immensely restorative and deeply gratifying release. *Formerly Sticks & Stones Massage

  • Plant powered.

    Heated bamboo sticks are paired with deep tissue massage techniques to help reduce bodily tension and invigorate tired muscles. The heated bamboo glides effortlessly across the body, working deep into the muscles to help unlock stress, release knots, and clear toxins. Highly requested by our Deep Tissue Massage devotees, this innovative combination of tools and techniques is intensely therapeutic. *Formerly Heated Bamboo Massage

  • Melt your muscles.

    In this stress-relieving full-body massage, heated basalt river stones are placed on targeted areas of the body to unlock tension, stress, fatigue, and induce intense relaxation. The warmed stones open up the blood vessels and stimulate circulation, allowing a deeper connection with the muscle tissue and more therapeutic experience. *Formerly Therapeutic Stone Massage



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