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Rose Quartz Facial Roller & Gua Sha Set



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Detoxify, tone and calm

What it is: Adding this facial tool bundle to your skin care routine will improve your overall skin health, increase circulation, release toxins and amplify the results of the products you’re using. The Rose Gold Facial Roller is a gentle stone tool used to reduce the appearance of puffiness and stimulates collagen production and blood circulation. The Rose Gold Gua Sha will increase microcirculation, release toxins and increase your body's natural healing ability. Both of these tools reduce muscle tension in the face, especially held in jaw and forehead.

Why we love it: These tools tone, detoxify and soothe the skin for a more lifted and hydrated look. Facial massage is known to aid with lymphatic drainage, alleviate muscle tension and create a more youthful, radiant appearance.

Rose Quartz Facial Roller
After cleansing, prep the skin by applying your favorite facial oil or serum. We love Babor Grand Cru Ampoules or Doctor Babor Pro Hyaluronic Acid Concentrate followed by Osmosis Immerse Oil or Babor Rejuvenating Face Oil. Using the large roller, start from the center of the chin and roll out toward the hairline. Work upward toward the forehead in sections — chin to hairline, side of nose to ear, between eyebrows to hairline, forehead to temple. Use the small side of the roller at the inner eye and roll outward and upward toward the temple.

Gua Sha Stone
Hold the tool at an angle against the skin, keeping solid but gentle pressure and drag from the center of your face to the outer edge by your ear. Starting from the neck and moving upward along your chin, cheeks, and very gently around the eye area. Follow by applying Glymed Daily Lift Serum and Osmosis Illuminate Eye to your face and neck for ultimate results.

Optional: use Babor Thermal Spray to moisten skin as needed while using Facial Roller or Gua Sha Stone.


Metaphysical Benefits
Rose Quartz has unique powers that are beneficial for our health and wellbeing. It is a powerful healing crystal linked to the heart chakra and referred to as the ‘love stone’. Rose Quartz energizes, balances, and restores the mind and body by emitting vibrations to release tension, calm inflammation, and encourage cell restoration.

  • Rose quartz is a naturally occurring crystal mineral that embodies feminine energy.
  • The stone is to promote healing, love and peace.
  • It’s all about connecting with your tender heart with true compassion.
  • Works with all the chakras, especially the heart and crown.

Osmosis offers ethically sourced Rose Quartz from Brazil and Madagascar.



Size 1 set | Item 80001412