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Glow Facial Kit

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For Even Skin Tone

At-Home Facial Kit and Maintenance to reduce the signs of pigmentation and stubborn brown spots. Also reduces redness and evens skin tone for a beautiful healthy glow. Includes exclusive professional exfoliants and masques to achieve in-salon facial results. 

Jumpstart your skin brightening goals with a customized At-Home Facial Kit. Includes exclusive treatment room items to help achieve spa-like results in the comfort of your own home! Detailed steps are included to assist you in performing a simple yet effective facial treatment.

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  • Mega Purifying Cleanser
  • Gentle Facial Wash
  • Anti-Aging Exfoliant
  • Youth Peel
  • Ultra-Hydrating Masque
  • AHA Accelerator
  • Living Cell Clarifier
  • Diamond Skin Lightener
  • Intense Peptide
  • Travel Bag