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Makeup, lash, and brow services magnify your existing beauty. These beauty services do not only boost self-confidence; they ensure that your day will not be a waste of makeup. You can always make room for more beauty in your life. However, picking the best services to invest in requires a thoughtful decision. Use this guide to discover the key benefits of makeup and lash services including our treatments at Tricoci Salon & Spa. 

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What Are The Most Popular Beauty Services?

Makeup services and lash services, including eyelash extensions, deliver flawless results that can be challenging to achieve without a team of experts at home.

Makeup Services

Makeup application services achieve an elevated look in a beauty salon for a special occasion or event. Makeup application services are done by makeup artists (MUA) with expertise using cosmetic techniques and products to enhance a client’s existing features. One benefit of a makeup service is gaining access to professional high-quality products that you do not have at home. Another benefit is minimized stress, which is especially important on the day of a big event.

Lash Services

Lash lifts, extensions, and tints are common types of lash services that give the appearance of fuller, longer, or darker lashes. A lash lift is a low-maintenance method of altering and defining the shape of your natural lash. Alternatively, lash extensions add length and thickness by applying individual semi-permanent fibers. A tint simply darkens the color of the lashes to achieve a fuller look. In addition to a fuller, longer, or darker lash appearance, other benefits of lash services include a reduced need for mascara and the illusion of enhanced facial features. 

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