Train Hard,
Pamper Yourself,

Train Hard,
Pamper Yourself,


Relax and restore your body for optimal training performance.

When every day is game day, how do you make time for recovery? Tricoci’s collection of spa services for athletes are designed to complement your active lifestyle. Treat yourself to an array of services that can improve performance on and off the field, court or trail. Experience a sports percussive massage to improve your range of motion, treat hard working feet to a pedicure, and incorporate products that enhance your performance to a new standard. It’s time to restore your body and elevate your training.


Optimize active recovery with a percussive sports massage that will address any sports-related ache or injury and melt away tension.



Enhance your range of motion with a fully-clothed assisted stretch service that will fine tune your flexibility.



Treat hard working hands and feet to a massage, exfoliation and short nail trim. Does not include nail polish application.



Hard-working favorites to keep you ahead of your game.

Our collection of athlete-inspired products was made to keep you moving. With these finds you can enjoy a sports massage anytime, soothe tired feet after a long day and give your strands a boost of hydration. These energizing essentials are just what you need to up your game.


Treat yourself to a sports massage at home or on-the-go with a quiet and portable percussive device to reduce your deep muscle tension.



Restore dry hair with our innovative shampoo enriched with plant stem cells to keep the water in the hair and revitalize the strands.




Nourish your feet in just 10 minutes with an ultra-rich shea butter and plant extracts mask to soften and renew your heels and soles.



Athlete Spa Services

In athletics, the only limit that you face is yourself. Investing in self-care treatments is critical when maintaining a successful athletic career. At Tricoci Salon & Spa, we offer a collection of spa services for athletes that fuel your body, so it can perform at its highest level. Investing in yourself starts here. First, learn about our spa services including the benefits of a sports massage. ​​ Of our 13 Chicagoland locations, locate the ideal sports massage near me.

What Are Athlete Spa Services?

Athlete spa services specialize in treating athletes or individuals with an active lifestyle. The goal is to use special techniques that target and treat areas of concern, so the body can achieve optimal performance for training or on game day. Techniques range from massage therapy including reflexology to manual stretch therapy and pedicure treatments. Special products may also be used to treat areas of concern. For instance, our Athletic Percussive Massage uses a Theragun device to reduce muscle tension and improve range of motion.

What Are The Benefits Of Athlete & Sports Massages?

A physiological benefit of a sports or athletic massage is decreased muscle stiffness, pain, or tension. Massages help alleviate muscle stiffness, pain, or tension by promoting the absorption of oxygen and nutrients to the muscles. Another benefit is the breakdown of scar tissue that may have built up due to a past injury. Managing built-up scar tissue enhances muscle flexibility, preventing future injuries or pain. Enhanced flexibility is an excellent advantage in itself, especially for athletes who must increase their range of motion. Sports massages also increase blood flow to the muscles and tissue, which promotes the free movement of nutrients and blood that feed the body. Sports massages also have psychological benefits. They provide opportunities to relax the mind while being immersed in a therapeutic, stress-free environment. Taking the time to tend to your self-care needs is essential when maintaining a well-balanced life.

What Athlete Services Does Tricoci Salon & Spa Offer?

We offer a collection of spa services for athletes that promote the key benefits above. The Percussive Massage is ideal for guests who would like to reduce muscle tension, improve range of motion, and accelerate repairment in a relaxing environment. Manual Stretch Therapy is excellent for anyone who prefers to be more engaged and active in the healing process. Stretch therapy is an excellent option for improving posture over time and decreasing stress. Preventing injury is also possible with our Sports Manicure & Pedicure. Incorporate this low-maintenance service in your spa days to maintain short nails. This service also includes a hand massage that alleviates tension and soreness of over-worked hands. Athletes can also consider other healing body services including Advanced Performance Massages. The Cupping Massage uses an advanced technique with silicone cups to relieve pain. Targeted Massages, such as the Tricoci Exclusive Massage, also release muscle tension. Care for your skin too with body treatments that polish and purify.

Do Sports Spa Treatments Help Recovery?

The key to successful athletic performance is the healthy recovery of fatigued or injured muscles. Sports spa treatments can help speed up the athlete recovery process. For instance, a sports massage breaks up lactic acid and promotes the absorption of oxygen and nutrients. This decreases muscle stiffness and speeds up recovery time.

What Is The Difference Between A Sports & Deep Tissue Massage?

A sports massage and a deep tissue massage both apply deep pressure within the body. However, a sports massage generally focuses on healing a specific sports-related ache or injury, targeting areas of the body that are susceptible to sports-related stress. A deep tissue massage is more of a full-body approach to healing that may focus on various areas of the body in one session. Our Deep Tissue Massage devotes attention to the back, shoulders, hamstrings, and calves.