New Technology at Tricoci

At Tricoci, we strive to provide the very best in customization and aim to pave the way in beauty. We are excited to share with you this new, cutting-edge technology that will allow you to virtually experience Tricoci in between visits.

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The NEW Tricoci App

The new Tricoci app brings together service booking, at-home care, gifting, rewards, and more all in one place. Your new self-care routine has never been more attainable.

  • BOOK Select from our portfolio of services, make the experience yours.
  • SHOP Incorporate the best products for healthy hair, flawless skin and more.
  • GIFT CARDS Pick your design and choose a custom amount.
  • REWARDS Join Tricoci Rewards and start earning for your visits.
  • MORE Check in and out quickly for appointments and even pay for services and gratuity.

Color Lab

Color before you commit. With the Tricoci Color Lab, you can now virtually try-on over 89 hair color shades from the comfort of your home. From natural shades to bright vivids, Color Lab lets you unleash your creativity and allows you to customize a look that’s perfect for you.

After you’ve decided on the perfect shade, download your selfie, book an appointment and share with your colorist during consultation.

Find your new look

Skin Lab

In just a few easy steps, the Tricoci Skin Lab will analyze and create an individualized assessment of your skin’s current needs. You will receive customized recommendations for skincare treatments and product suggestions – your skin health renewal awaits.

Real-time skin analysis is powered by cutting-edge, AI diagnostic technology. The innovative technology behind Tricoci Skin Lab is verified by skincare experts and was developed using over 70,000 medical grade images to build AI deep learning algorithms.

Get your Customized Results

Get help identifying these seven most common skin concerns.


Skin redness can be caused by a variety of factors. Skin Lab can detect subtle signs before irritation begins.

Dark Circles

The Skin Lab scans the under-eye area for signs of darkness and will clearly identify the concern.

Uneven Texture

By detecting bumps and dents on the skin, the Skin Lab offers an overall assessment of skin smoothness.

Dark Spots

The technology behind Skin Lab identifies dark spots on the skin while excluding false readings such as moles or facial hair.

Lines and Wrinkles

From fine lines, to deep creases, the Skin Lab identifies and focuses on areas where various types of wrinkles are found.


The Skin Lab categorizes and reports three levels of oiliness and helps to identify areas of concern.


The Skin Lab provides a sophisticated deep learning analysis detects skin hydration levels and indicates any dehydration.

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