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Celluli Attack Concentrate for Stubborn Areas

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What it is: A fat burner for “stubborn” and deep set cellulite on the hips, thighs, buttocks and stomach. Attacks lipid droplets and weakens fats protective shield, boosts elimination of large lipid droplets, drains fluid retention, smooths skin.

Why we love it: Contains 7 slimming innovations and 5 patents to remove encrusted cellulite and smooth dimpled skin.

How to use: Apply to areas affected with cellulite in the morning.

For the fastest cellulite smoothing results, pair with Celluli Night Coach Intensive Sleeping Mask for use as evening cream.

Boost your cellulite smoothing program with a “spa strength” treatment: add 1-2 Oligomer Silhouette Marine Enhancer Contouring Baths per week.   

Size 100ml | Item 80001348