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Edge Control Taming Gel



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What it is: Edge Control Taming Gel works best with wavy to tightly coiled hair. A mineral oil and petrolatum-free gel for natural hair formulated with a unique anti-breakage blend of ceramides, vitamin E and natural oils that nourish and strengthen strands. ​​

Why we love it: Hairline and edge smoothing for long-lasting sleek styles. Delivers unbeatably strong hold without the crunch. It vows to bring your edges back to life with non-drying alcohol, Vitamin E which reduces split ends. ​

How to use: Apply the gel to clean, dry hair for a smooth, frizz-free finish. Whether a wig or extensions, the Edge Taming Gel is also made for blending hair. Simply place a small amount of styling gel between the teeth of a fine-toothed comb and apply where your natural hair ends and your extensions begin. ​

Size 1.7oz | Item 80000977