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Facial Waxing

  • Eyebrow

    Create a clean defined look with hair removed quickly and efficiently. Shapes brows using wax, tweezers, and scissor trim.

  • Lip

    Removes unwanted hair on your upper lip to reveal a smooth finish.

  • Chin

    Removes unwanted hair according to your personal needs. Lower lip to just under jawbone is the area of focus.

  • Full Face

    Removes unwanted hair on your complete face. Does not include eyebrow, lip or chin.

  • Side of Face

    Removes unwanted hair on the side of your face. Does not include eyebrow, lip or chin.

  • Ear

    Carefully removes unwanted ear hair while utilizing customized techniques to ensure the most effective results.

  • Nape of Neck

    Removes unwanted hair on the nape of your neck.

  • Nose

    Carefully removes unwanted nose hair leaving behind neat, clean lines that help to accentuate your features and perfect your look.


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Facial Waxing  

Delicate and precise hair removal starts at a Tricoci Salon & Spa. Our collection of facial waxing services help our guests remove unwanted hair from all areas of the face to reveal smooth and soft skin. Discover the range of face waxing services that we offer, the benefits of each service, and the most important factors to consider before scheduling a waxing appointment.  

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What Types of Facial Waxing Does Tricoci Salon & Spa Provide?

Complete a head-turning transformation with a facial waxing session while indulging in our hair services. Professional spa waxing services remove unwanted hair, delivering efficient, but long-lasting results. Our team uses precise facial waxing techniques that can be customized to fit the personal needs and facial features of each guest.

Each waxing service removes unwanted hair with a special focus on each of the main areas of the face. However, guests can also indulge in a combination of these services to treat multiple areas in one session. Pick from a range of facial waxing services including brow waxing, chin waxing, lip waxing, ear hair waxing, nose waxing, and full-face waxing. 

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How Long Does Facial Waxing Last? 

Facial waxing removes hair from the root, delivering results that last longer than other hair removal methods, such as plucking. One waxing session generally lasts between three to six weeks. However, personal factors can also determine how long a wax session lasts. Some of these factors include the rate at which the unwanted hair grows and the area of the face being waxed.

How Often Should You Get Facial Waxing?

There is also a relationship between how long a wax lasts and how often a guest should receive a new one. Although a wax generally lasts between two to six weeks, some regrowth can happen sooner. Those who prefer to maintain completely hair-free skin should set more regular waxing appointments every couple of weeks. However, scheduling regular waxing appointments can reduce the rate at which the unwanted hair grows back and the thickness over time. This can make a waxing session last longer. 


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