Tricoci Collection

Hair Extension Kit

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The Essential Hair Extension Care Kit.

Includes our Tricoci Collection Everyday Shampoo, Hydrating Conditioner, Perfect Blowout and Everyday Brush.

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Softens and Revitalizes.

Superior daily shampoo that gently washes away impurities while increasing hydration. Helps revitalize and reverse damage. Adds body and bounce for smooth, soft strands.

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Moisturizes and Restores.

Luxurious conditioner that restores and locks in moisture. Seals the cuticle to prevent breakage. Improves shine, softness, texture, and manageability.

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Extends Blowdry and Repairs.

Multi-tasking, lightweight lotion works as a pre-styler to extend blow-dry. Doubles as a detangling and smoothing agent for coarse hair. Prevents frizz from heat styling and locks in moisture. Adds a smooth, silky fi nish. Can also be used to reactivate and restyle hair.

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For Styling and Smoothing.

The everyday essential for enviable hair. Our everyday brush features a cushion design with boar and nylon bristles for high-impact shine and smooth styling. Improve manageability and promote superior scalp health no matter your hair texture with this styling staple. Excellent for extensions and natural hair.

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