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Okara Blond Brightening Spray

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What It Is: This leave-in spray features Okara extract and a high concentration of ReflectLumière™ along with natural Mica glitter and vitamins to enhance natural, highlighted or bleached blonde hair while progressively brightening all shades by up to 1 tone for a naturally sun-kissed effect.

Why We Love It:

  • Lightweight leave-in spray for natural, highlighted or bleached blonde hair.
  • ReflectLumière™ progressively lightens hair for a natural sun-kissed effect and helps restore shine and revive the radiance of blonde hair
  • Okara extract helps repair hair
  • Mica Glitter: 100% natural mineral element adds shimmer to hair
  • Vitamins B5 and E: adds shine and moisture
  • Acid pH (4.0) helps smooth the cuticle scales

How To Use: Shake well. Spray on dry or damp hair from a distance of 8 inches. Comb through. Do not rinse. Proceed to styling.

Size 5.0oz | Item 80000237