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Rock & Roll Face Scrub

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What it is: Regular exfoliation with a well-balanced and complete face scrub like Rock & Roll Scrub will remove the buildup of unwanted material, cleaning out dirty pores and revealing the fresh layers of good skin underneath. Infused with a unique natural fragrance, smoke and wood, Rock & Roll Scrub is engineered with safe, efficient science and natural ingredients.

Why we love it: Skin grows old and peels naturally. Left to their own devices dead layers of skin will sit on the surface until they either flake or are brushed away. Beneath dead skin pores build up deposits of sebum, the oil our skin naturally produces. Over time these deposits collect particles of dirt creating blackheads and unhealthy-looking skin, Rock and Roll is your answer to combat this.

How to use: We say rock & roll face scrub is good twice a week; once for business and once for pleasure. We recommend Mondays and Fridays to start and end the week feeling fresh. Lather on hand then rub into the face and pores for a deep rigorous cleanse.

Volcanic Ash A little like diamonds, this stuff is created under pressure. As a result this amazing organic matter is the star ingredient for a hard working face scrub. It acts as a natural abrasive and combines perfectly with natural clays for deep exfoliation.

Green Clay A super absorbent clay. We like to think of it as Kryptonite for blackheads. It's unbeatable at drawing out dirt and impurities from oily skin. It's nourishing too, being naturally rich in iron, magnesium and potassium.

Kaolin/China Clay Is soft white clay named after the hill in China (Kao-ling) where it was first mined. Used for centuries to make Chinese porcelain when kaolin is mixed with water it can be molded under pressure.

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