Thermasmooth Smooth Guard Serum


What it is: This hair serum works best with curly to tightly coiled hair and is a must for overhauling fragile, damaged, color-treated strands. Cationic Polymers: Coat the hair to repel humidity and lock in shine. Ceramides: Penetrate each strand to reinforce strength and keep hair springy, helping it bounce back to its normal texture. Coconut Oil: Infuses supreme hydration into the hair to help ward off heat damage. ​

Why we love it: Smoothing serum conditions hair, combats frizz and blocks humidity, leaving strands sleek, shiny, smooth and strong. An anti-frizz serum and protectant that helps heat tools glide easily through hair.​​

How to use: Towel dry, then evenly distribute hair serum before drying completely. Going for a smooth blowout? Prime with the 25 Miracle Milk Leave-In Conditioner, then layer on Thermasmooth Smooth Guard before blow-drying.​

Size 3oz | Item 80000980

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