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Vegan Travel Shave Brush

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What it is: Handmade in Isle of Man, Great Britain, this shave brush looks and feels equally great at home and on the road. Made with a comfortable plastic handle and vegan-friendly synthetic bristles – a durable and sustainable choice for helping you get the cleanest shave possible. The compact plastic travel case keeps your brush protected in transport while allowing it to dry after use.

Why we love it: No matter where you are in the world, this shave brush is the perfect companion to your shaving regimen.

How to use:Prep beard with Pre Shave & Beard Oil. Wet brush under warm water to soften bristles and using Glycerin Shave & Face Soap, work into a rich lather. Apply to damp beard, and shave. Follow with moisturizer – we love Gameface from Triumph & Disaster.

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