$25 OFF Every Massage - Every Facial - Every Time for 12 Months*

Join Mario Plus for $50 and Save

Massage 50 Min Menu Price 50 Min Membership Price 80 Min Menu Price 80 Min Membership Price
Swedish Massage $78 $53 $120 $95
Signature Massage $95 $70 $142 $117
Deep Tissue Massage $95 $70 $142 $117
Australian Deep Tissue $105 $80 $158 $133

Pregnancy Massage

$95 $70 $142


Hot Stone Massage $95 $70 $142 $117

Organic Bamboo Fusion

$105 $80 $158


Sticks and Stones

105 $80 158


80 Minute Therapeutic Massage - - $150 $125
Men's Athletic Massage
$95 $70 $142 $117
Women's Athletic Massage $95 $70 $142 $117

Body Treatments

Menu Price

Membership Price

Detoxifying Seaweed Wrap $95 $70
Hand Applied Tanning Treatment  $90 $65
MT Signature Body Wrap $90 $65
Warm Ginger Body Scrub $80 $55
Facials** Menu Price Membership Price
Essential  $78 $53
Signature Radiance $100 $75
Prescriptive Anti-Aging (customizable to skin type) $125 $100
Cellular Age Reversal Therapy  $145 $120
Swift Lift Firming Facial $145 $120
Dermasound Firm & Lift/Pigmintation* $185 $160
High Performance Diamond Peel with Stem Cell Collagen $255 $230
White Diamond & Organic Flower Microdermabrasion (includes face & neck) $175 $150
Including Decolette $235 $210
Reveal Peel Program $75 to $175 per peel $50 to $150 per peel

*Membership pricing is for 50-min or longer services and is not available on shorter duration services such as Scalp & Foot (express 25 min. service), Good to Go Massage (express 25 min. service), Instant Radiance Enzyme Peel, Polish & Refine service, Express Tanning Treatment, Signature Body Scrub and others. 

*100 Minute Massages available with select technicians. 

**Most facials are available with Dermasound ($65) and Microdermabrasion ($80) Anti-Aging Technology


Q: Will I get the membership price on the day I enroll?
A: Yes. When you pay the $50 membership fee your massage will automatically be reduced by $25.

Q: Can I have more than one massage or facial a month at the membership price?
A: Yes. Your MarioPlus membership allows you unlimited full-service massages or facials at the membership price for 12 months.

Q: What do you mean by shorter duration service and why are these excluded?

A: Full service offerings are performed in 50 minutes or more.  The lower priced services performed in under 50 minutes, such as the 25 minute Good-To-Go Massage, 30 minute Instant Radiance Peel or the 25 minute Foot and Scalp massage as well as others are already value-priced and not included in the MarioPLUS membership; therefore membership pricing does not apply. 

Q: Can I give a MarioPlus membership as a Gift?
A: Yes. You may purchase a gift card or certificate for a MarioPlus membership.

Q: What if my gift recipient doesn’t want to redeem the card for a MarioPlus membership?
A: Not a problem! All Mario Tricoci gift cards and certificates can be redeemed for the dollar amount on the card/certificate and applied towards any service or retail product.

Q: What if I decide I no longer want to be a member of MarioPlus. Can I get a refund?
A: No. Once you have received a massage or facial at the member price you are not eligible to receive a refund.

Q: If I bring guests with me for massages or facials, can I pay for theirs at the membership price?
A: No. Membership prices apply to MarioPlus members only.

Q: Will my MarioPlus membership renew automatically?
A: No, but we invite you to re-enroll each year to enjoy long term results and great savings.