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Hair Salon & Spa Services 

Tricoci Salon & Spa offers innovative salon services that advance with time. Honing in on their craft, our specialized experts provide hair salon services and spa services that fulfill the self-care needs of all guests. Prioritize your own needs. Give yourself the same love that you give everyone else. Begin by familiarizing yourself with our portfolio of hair and spa services. This is the perfect place to start planning a well-deserved journey of self-love and relaxation. Of our 13 Chicagoland locations, locate the ideal hair and spa services near me.

What Services Do Salons & Spas Offer? 

Make this experience yours. A Tricoci Salon & Spa offers all of the categories of salon and spa services below. However, with invaluable added benefits that target your self-care needs. Our experts deliver all of their services with cutting-edge technology that keeps their knowledge, skills, and abilities advanced, versatile, and on-trend. If the focal point of your experience is the hair, select from our portfolio of hair services that include styling, coloring, smoothing, texturizing, and extension applications. If you prefer to focus on pampering the body or skin, discover our expansive menu of body services and skin services. These menus range from massages to facials. The experience does not need to end there. Our nail services, waxing services, and beauty services are excellent options that can complement and elevate the self-love journey. Pair a facial with a custom-designed or enhanced manicure and pedicure. Indulge in beauty and waxing services that span across multiple options including eyelash extensions and makeup makeovers. Alternatively, design the perfect bridal beauty experience with our bridal salon services. 

What Different Spa Treatments Are There?

Define which concerns you want a Tricoci Salon & Spa treatment to target. Our portfolio of spa treatments is designed to satisfy and target the needs of all special types of hair, nails, skin, bodies, and lifestyles. Mask-on treatments help you get to the root of personal skin concerns. We also offer nourishing scrubs and wraps that treat and enrich the rest of the body. Express spa & salon services treat the skin and body with processes that merge efficiency with instant results. And if the hair is still the focal point of your experience, our hair treatments services can also be used to relax or add character to the hair. Spa prices can be viewed on the services menu.

What Are The Most Popular Hair & Spa Services?

Our popular hair services include advanced hair color techniques. Our hair colorists are versatile and able to pivot their skillset, so can perform a variety of popular advanced techniques including balayage and foilyage. Most importantly, our hair colorists are artists who hand-paint custom hues with precision. Other popular color techniques include single processing, double processing, highlighting, and corrective color. Alternatively, popular spa services consist of massages that relieve muscle pain, nurture overworked muscles, or help repair sports-related aches or injuries. The dynamic cupping massage, percussive therapy massage (with a Theragun device), and deep tissue massage offer these benefits that will help you get the most out of your experience. Similarly, our collection of sports massage services help athletes take their performance to the next level too. 

What Are The Most Relaxing Spa Treatments?

Your self-love journey should include some much-needed time to unwind. Our most relaxing spa treatments are designed to relieve stress. Targeted services, including the Relaxation Massage, Soothing Prenatal Massage, and Tricoci Exclusive Massage, focus on stress relief. The de-stress express massage also offers similar benefits in half the time - ideal for guests pressed for time.