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Smoothing Hair Services

Smooth things over. Refine your texture for effortless styling. Have your sights set on sleek hair? We can transform your texture with the right treatment.

Hair Smoothing Services & Treatments 

When you have wavy and frizzy hair, styling a smoother and glossier look requires a time-consuming daily routine. Consistently using heat tools, such as the flatiron, to achieve a smoother look can also cause heat-damaged hair. Now, it may be time to part ways with your heat tools, so you can enjoy an effortless styling routine and sleek look. Our hair salon services consist of hair smoothing treatments including Keratin smoothing treatments, relaxers, and silk presses. 

Of our 13 Chicagoland locations, locate the ideal hair smoothing near me. 

What is Hair Smoothing?

Hair smoothing or smoothening treatments transform the hair to make it more manageable. These treatments reduce frizz and dryness to achieve a sleek and shiny result. Choosing your ideal salon smoothing treatment depends on your hair texture and the end look you want to achieve. For instance, the Tricoci Keratin Smoothing Treatment Max is our strongest option that produces the straightest results for frizzy hair. 

You can also transform your texture with our hair texturing services that range from textured blowout and styling to hair extensions services. Transform your hair in more ways with our portfolio of hair color and hair treatment options. 

What are the Benefits of Hair Smoothing?

The Tricoci Keratin Smoothing Treatment reduces frizz and curl by infusing each hair cuticle with Keratin. Keratin is a naturally produced protective protein that strengthens and helps maintain the hair’s health. It fills in brittle hair to achieve a smooth look. If you are looking for a Keratin smoothing treatment near me, book a consultation with a select Tricoci stylist. 

The Tricoci Relaxer is a permanent treatment option for taming curls. An excellent advantage of relaxers is it makes your daily hairstyling process more efficient and effortless in the long-term. Locking in the results with a blowout hair styling service is recommended. 

The Tricoci Silk Press infuses the hair with nourishing oil to create a silky-smooth texture and glossy finish. One key benefit of the silk press is that it does not use chemicals during the treatment process. 

How Long Does Hair Smoothing Last?

How often you should smooth your hair to maintain a sleek look depends on which treatment you choose.  

The Tricoci Relaxer is the longest-lasting treatment of the three, providing permanent results for taming curls. Alternatively, the Keratin Smoothing Treatment has temporary results. It may require frequent salon visits to maintain the ideal look. The Tricoci Keratin Smoothing Treatment and Tricoci Keratin Smoothing Treatment Max both last up to three months. The Tricoci Keratin Smoothing Treatment Express lasts up to six weeks. 

The Tricoci Silk Press offers temporary results too, A silk press generally lasts a couple of weeks depending on certain factors (how soon you get your hair wet or how exposed you may be to humidity). Incorporating the best hair smoothing products into your routines, such as a silk scarf or wrap, helps results last longer. 

Is Smoothing Good for Hair Including Damaged Hair? 

Hair smoothing treatments are beneficial for guests who overuse heat tools and have damaged hair because of it. The treatment will make the hair easier to style, so you can minimize the amount of heat to use when styling.