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Body Treatments

Make yourself a priority. At Tricoci Salon & Spa, we offer luxurious body treatments that reveal your most beautiful skin. Discover the important benefits of spa body treatments and which treatments are ideal for achieving your skin care goals. 

What are Body Treatments?

Booking regular facials and investing in an at-home facial skincare routine is essential for maintaining the health of your skin. However, it is just as important to invest in body services too, including body treatments. Body treatments maintain the health, look, and feel of your all-over skin. These services come in multiple forms, such as scrubs or wraps, and use a variety of ingredients and nutrients derived from nature to reveal soft, smooth, and healthy skin. 

What are the Benefits of Body Treatments?

Different types of body treatments reveal beautiful skin with their own benefits. For example, a body scrub focuses on exfoliation, which reveals smooth and soft skin and stimulates blood circulation. Body scrubs are often paired with a short massage, allowing the skin to more deeply absorb important ingredients to reveal hydrated, healed, and protected skin.

Alternatively, a body wrap is another beneficial treatment. A body wrap drapes the skin with a special material to open pores, which helps the skin absorb essential vitamins and minerals. Pampering yourself, and investing in the ideal self-care routine, can also promote well-deserved relaxation and give you some more “me-time,” while achieving your skin care goals.  

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Which Body Treatments does Tricoci Salon & Spa Provide?

At Tricoci Salon & Spa, we offer body scrubs that reveal your most beautiful skin. Guests should pick the ideal body treatment based on their skin care goals and the benefits of each treatment. If you are looking to achieve smooth and reinvigorated skin, consider indulging in body scrubs, such as our Orange Ginger & Lime Body Scrub, or a similar scrub treatment. 

In addition to body scrubs, we also offer luxurious body wraps. For instance, the Tricoci Body Wrap treats vital skin concerns, including eczema and psoriasis. We also offer other body wraps, such as the Detoxifying Seaweed Body Wrap, which nourishes the skin with essential vitamins and minerals that tones, hydrates, and detoxifies. All of our spa treatment will give your all-over skin the care it has earned.