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Dream Cocktail Kale Infused


What it is: Kale-infused Dream Cocktail, with sulfur rich sea kale, is a leave-in treatment that turns blow drying from a hair stressing session into a serious strengthening treatment. Vital, natural nutrients (like sulfur-rich sea kale) are activated by heat to fortify and improve the overall quality of every strand.

Why we love it: 50% less breakage after just 1 use. Instantly makes hair 2X stronger.

How to use: Shampoo, condition, lightly towel dry. Dispense 1-3 pumps into palm, and smooth through hair, concentrating on "breakage zones”. Blow dry; heat activated.

Tip: Layer Dream Cocktails to treat multiple problems. Always apply Kale-Infused first.

Size 6.7oz | Item 70011946

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