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Resurfaslim 2-in-1 Peel and Slim Cream

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What it is: Peel & Slim Cream that also smooths light cellulite and fades stretch marks. Exfoliates the skin with super power AHA’s (Glycolic, Lactic, and Citric) Acids to boost cell renewal and allow slimming and stretch mark fading ingredients to work better. Stimulates collagen fibers in dermis and epidermis and strengthens cohesion in d/e.

Why we love it: Excess curves less visible, skin softer and firmer. This product allows all slimming products to work better. The more the figure is slimmed, the more skin is smoothed and stretch marks fade.

How to use: Apply morning and evening to the entire body to exfoliate, slim, smooth and fade stretch marks all at once.

To target areas in need of stretch marks and firming, use Resurfaslim in the morning and Seatonic Firming & Stretch Mark Oil in the evening.

Boost your slimming, smoothing, firming program with a “spa strength” treatment: add 1-2 Oligomer Silhouette Marine Enhancer Contouring Baths per week.

Size 150ml | Item 80001352